Friday, October 1, 2010

Marathon Training for Beginners

I never imagined that I would ever run a marathon. Twenty six miles is so intimidating! Then two of my friends got in to the St. George Marathon and I decided to take the challenge and train with them. We found an awesome training guide for novice marathoners from Hal Higdon. He will take you through everything step by step and you can adjust it to your needs. I think that cross-training during the week is so important so you don't lose your muscle when running. I also would recommend that you hydrate yourself during the long runs. Needless to say, last week a friend and I ran our 26.2 miles and it was challenging but very do able. Hey, if I can do it you can do it! Now get going!!

My Knees Hurt!

A friend of mine was complaining about her knees while running. I thought, "It's time to get a new pair of shoes." This simple (yet sometimes expensive) solution can cure those pains that seem to suddenly appear out of no wear.
But how can I tell if I need new shoes? Thanks to the sports medicine folks over at I found the answer.
And where is the best place to get running shoes? I would highly recommend Runner's Corner in Orem. The employess there are runners and will watch your form and allow you try on pair after pair to get the perfect fit. They are patient and courteous and will help answer all your running questions. Good Luck!

Herbs that Cure

There are many herbs out there that can do the same job as pharmaceutical drugs... why not be healthier and take the herbal way? This site at focuses solely on herbal remedies.
Want pain relief? Try ginger! Need some relaxation from PMS? Check out this site and you can see how! has everything you need to stay healthy including recipes for healthy snacks! Enjoy!