Friday, September 17, 2010

Sharpen your memory with these super foods!

Blueberries: These can reverse memory loss that has already occurred. They contain anthocyanins and quercetin antioxidants. 
Spinach: Helps retain memory.
Celery: Reduces brain inflammation that impairs memory. Contains a flavonoid called luteolin.
Walnuts: Can erase absentmindedness with their vitamin B12. 
Oranges: These contain folic acid, which helps you process memory and information faster.

You can put these all together in a yummy salad and have a sharper memory today!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Join Us!

The Halloween Half is the funnest half marathon EVER!! A bunch of us ran this race last year and it was easy and exciting! You start at Aspen Grove up Provo Canyon, make your way past Sundance and all the way down the canyon ending at the Riverwoods shopping center. And the funnest part is that you get to wear Halloween costumes! For those of you who are first time halfers you shouldn't be intimidated AT ALL by this run. In fact the first four miles or so are a pretty steep downhill so you have to control yourself from running too fast. If you want to get your best time ever, this is the race! So sign up now under and be prepared to get your groove on! For those of you who don't run, come and support us! Good Luck Runners!

Am I sick?

'Tis the season! Have you been feeling a little tired and under the weather lately? It seems like everyone is getting those familiar allergies. Although lately I feel like there is something else going around too. How can I tell if I have a cold or just allergies? I came across this article on WebMD that has the facts on colds vs. allergies.

Is your body out of wack?

Last February I took an antibiotic that just wiped my system out. I completed the antibiotics and continued to have diarrhea and loose bowls. I lost weight, was basically in bed a lot. Just so weak and I didn't have any energy. My mind was foggy and my stomach hurt. I went to the emergency room I think 3 times, the instacare once, and my doctor at least 3 times. They really didn't help me.
I finally talked to my friend and she told me about Candida. It's just when the sugars and yeasts in your system start to take over. So I started the Candida cleanse diet. It was so hard, because I went off sugar and bread cold turkey. Just ate meat, veggies, and a bit of fruit. I saw progress daily. It was amazing. I am still not completely over it. I have noticed that taking these professional grade probiotics really helps. I don't know if it was totally Candida. But, I do know that sugar can have a damaging affect on the body. Especially where my digestive tract was so weak.
What you put in your body can have such an affect on how you feel, it can also affect your hormones.
So, if you ever feel like your system is out of wack. Or if you just don't feel like you have as much energy as you used to have....try easing up on the sugar and eating more fruits and vegetables. Also, make sure you are taking a multivitamin daily.
I have learned so much about the healing power of food through my experience. If you eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk, you will have more energy, you won't be sick as much, your skin will glow, etc.
Thanks for listening. Hope this helps someone out there in the blogger world.